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Friday 16th of November 2018


General information on Babesiosis

Babesiosis is disease caused by a tick-borne a protozoan blood parasite.
When the tick bites the dog the organism is spread into the blood stream causing anemia.
Canine complications can arise from Babesiosis because the disease can affect many of the internal organs. The disease can be mild to fatal.
Babesiosis can also be spread by directly from animal-to-animal by an infected dog with oral abrasions. Canine babesiosis occurs worldwide and within the United States especially in the southeast.

Symptoms of Babesiosis

Symptoms of Babesiosis can include weakness, pale gums, labored breathing, fever, nasal discharge that is blood tinged, blood tinged urine, jaundice, coughing and respiratory distress.

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Treatments for Babesiosis

Treatment of canine babesiosis is mostly aimed at treating the symptoms.
Clindamycin has been used to treat canine babesiosis and may be considered in the more severe and virulent infections.
Dogs with Babesiosis caused by the less virulent strains of B. canis frequently recover from these infections naturally with supportive therapy. Death of a dog or puppy is caused by more virulent strains of B. gibsoni infections.

Personal Experience

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