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Tuesday 18th of December 2018

Fibrosarcoma - Bone

General information on Fibrosarcoma - Bone

Fibrosarcoma is a type of cancer that is located in the fibrous connective tissue of the skull, spine, pelvis, and ribs or from any other bone.
Fibrosarcoma is a part of a group of tumors that would be called non-osteosarcomas of bone.
Fibrosarcoma and its causes are largely unknown. This type of cancer is seen mostly among older male dogs, except for a variety that is seen in the mouths of younger dogs. Fibrosarcoma is less common it the legs of a dog and mostly effects the bones of the spine, skull and pelvis.

Symptoms of Fibrosarcoma - Bone

Symptoms of Fibrosarcoma are swelling of any bone.
Limping and pain especially in the legs can also be a symptom.
Dogs my have difficulty eating and swallowing and there could be bleeding from the mouth with bad breath or mouth odor.

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Treatments for Fibrosarcoma - Bone

Surgical removal of the tumor is the main treatment and this can somtimes involve a resection of the affected bone.
In some cases radiation therapy is used.
Chemotherapy is sometimes administered to stop the spread of the fibrosarcoma.

Personal Experience

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Fibrosarcoma - Bone - personal experiences

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