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Tuesday 18th of December 2018

Tracheal Collapse

General information on Tracheal Collapse

Collapsing trachea is a condition in which the tracheal rings arenít as stiff as they should be. This causes the trachea to collapse when the dog inhales. This is the common cause of obstructed airway and coughing in dogs. This condition causes the dog to cough in spasms. As the disease progresses, respiratory insufficiency can develops. The cause of collapsing trachea is unknown, but there are a number of factors leading to collapsing trachea. A dog with chronic bronchitis that is obese can be predisposed to this condition. The condition occurs mostly in older dogs in the smaller breeds. Typically the signs of collapsing trachea appear at the ages of six or seven, but some young dogs may show signs as a result of a congenital defect.

Symptoms of Tracheal Collapse

Symptoms of Tracheal Collapse a honking like cough and sometimes followed by gagging. Noisy breathing can also be a sign of this disorder. There is the possibility of a full body collapse when the dog is excited or exercised.

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Treatments for Tracheal Collapse

Dogs can survive with a mildly collapsed trachea and live nearly normal lives. The treatment for Tracheal Collapse is proper nutrition and a low-stress regime that avoids the triggers of a coughing episode. Mild forms of exercise are good for the dog, but using a harness instead of a collar is important. In emergency cases, coughing suppressants, oxygen, steroids, and sedation is necessary. Some of the more long term treatments are steroids, antibiotics, cough suppressants, airway dilators, and, if the dog is overweight, weight loss. In severe cases, tracheal reconstruction is recommended. It is important that the dog should be diagnosed by a veterinarian so that heart and lung diseases with similar symptoms can be ruled out.

Personal Experience

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Tracheal Collapse experience by - John
Bronx NY

I just brought my girlfriend a yorkie her DOB is 12/11/11
She has a slight cough and she is gagging also last nite she was
Crying until 3:00am. What should I do.
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