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Tuesday 22nd of January 2019


General information on Pyodermas

Pyodermas is a bacterial skin disease. The disease can be on, in or beneath the skin layer. Sometimes Pyodermas can spread infection to other areas throughout the body and causing generalized illness. Pyodermas are often found in folded areas of the skin, the nose, between the toes and occasionally on the abdomen especially in puppies.

Symptoms of Pyodermas

Symptoms of Pyodermas include reddened skin, ulcerations and pustules.
Where pustules discharge there can be scabs and hair loss.

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Treatments for Pyodermas

Treatment of Pyodermas will include cleansing of the area with antibiotic ointments, and antiseptic soaps.
The vet will most likely take a bacterial culture to determine the correct antibiotic treatment. Surgery could be required if the lesion is deep or in a fold of skin.

Personal Experience

personal experience
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Pyodermas - personal experiences

Pyodermas experience by - Tina

I am not sure how old some of these posts are and they may not help any of the above. Maybe someone else reading this may gain from it. I have not exactly had an experience with this, atleast not diagnosed. However the skin allergies, itchy skin, and bumps from time to time. We have found through a friend of mine who was experiencing alot of problems with her pit, and skin allergies that it was food. Apparently there are alot of dogs who have allergies to grain and some meats in dog foods. Research some of the foods you are feeding, try an all natural grain free food. May be more expensive then what you are feeding, but probably cheaper then vet bills and medication. My friend was able to stop alot of meds after discovering this. Cant hurt to try it. Good luck.
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