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Tuesday 22nd of January 2019

Gastritis - Acute

General information on Gastritis - Acute

Gastritis (acute) is an inflammation or irritation of the stomach. This can have many causes including ingesting substances that are irritating such as grass, bones, contaminated foods, and infectious agents including bacterial, viral or parasitic.
Gastritis can also occur after the dog eats and then exercises. Acute Gastritis may end after vomiting or last up to a week. If symptoms last longer, the condition could be Chronic Gastritis.

Symptoms of Gastritis - Acute

Symptoms of Acute Gastritis include vomiting, and may include secondary vomiting of a frothy yellow substance. The dog may have a lack of appetite, fever and be lethargic if caused by a virus or bacteria. Diarrhea is also possible if the Gastritis progresses to the intestines.

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Treatments for Gastritis - Acute

If the dog throws up once or twice and doesn’t appear distressed then treatment may not be necessary. Limit food and water intake for 24 hours. If the vomiting is more severe, then the dog should be fed bland foods temporarily.
Feeding your dog smaller quantities of food more often can curb vomiting after eating and exercise. If the dog continues to vomit or vomiting increases in frequency, see your vet and try to bring a sample of the vomitus.

Personal Experience

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Gastritis - Acute - personal experiences

Gastritis - Acute experience by - oscar

my five months WHW-terrier,had 1 week,with yellow other symptomps.I diminish food for 2 days and he is much better.i thinks he had acute gastritis
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