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Monday 19th of November 2018


General information on Pyometra

Pyometra is a condition in female dogs where the uterus becomes puss-filled. This usually occurs after the dog is 5 years old. It is caused by and ovarian dysfunction that produces too much of the female hormone progesterone.

Symptoms of Pyometra

Symptoms of Pyometra include swollen abdomen and a watery puss-like discharge from the vagina. If the disease is allowed to progress, than other symptoms can appear such as depression, fever, vomiting, loss of appetite and the vulva can become swollen.

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Treatments for Pyometra

Treatment for Pyometra is usually the removal of the uterus and ovaries. See your vet if the initial symptoms appear. Early treatment of Pyometra is recommended. If you donít want to spay the dog then there are other treatments that may include antibiotics. This treatment may not work and then surgery will be the only option.

Personal Experience

personal experience
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Pyometra - personal experiences

Pyometra experience by - Nikki

I had a little 3 lb. Yorkie that came from the shelter and she was so tiny that, back in those days, the anaesthesia was not as safe as it is now so I chose not to have her spayed. She was never out of the yard and she was far too small to breed, so I felt safe in the fact that she didn't need the spaying. When she was an old girl, 14 yrs of age she got sick and was literally squirting blood from her vagina. I took her to the vet and no one believed me that she was actually, off and on, pouring/squirting blood because she didn't do it in front of them. So, when I ended up having to take her to the Emergency Vet that night, and I told them what was happening, they didn't say anything and so I thought they knew what I was saying. Then, right there on the exam table, she started the blood squirting out of her and the stupid vet said, "gee, you're right, she IS squirting blood." I was stunned. I thought I'd made myself clear. As it ended up, by the time I got someone to believe me she was too far gone to help her. I had to have her euthanized.
I just wish to warn anyone who has this happen, please make sure you're understood. Get help for your little one if you have to go to whatever lengths to do it. I wish I'd known sooner that they hadn't believed me. I knew nothing about Pyometra and had never even heard the word before. It is a smart idea to have your female spayed and avoid, at least, Pyometra. I still miss my little one and wish so much that I could have helped her.
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