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Wednesday 23rd of January 2019

Vestibular Syndrome

General information on Vestibular Syndrome

Vestibular Syndrome may be caused by an infection in the inner or middle ear or a possible trauma. This condition affects the connection of the vestibular apparatus to the brain causing balance problems for the dog. The dog may have problems keeping balance while eating or drinking from a bowl. Hand feeding may be required until the symptoms diminish.

Symptoms of Vestibular Syndrome

Symptoms of Vestibular Syndrome may include sudden loss of balance, head tilting, appetite loss, vomiting, coordination problems and a ticking movement of the eyes.

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Treatments for Vestibular Syndrome

Your vet will may prescribe antibiotics for an ear infection. Usually the symptoms and condition will diminish in one to three weeks. If the symptoms last longer than three weeks there could be other underlying medical problems including a brain tumor or cancer.

Personal Experience

personal experience
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Vestibular Syndrome - personal experiences

Vestibular Syndrome experience by - Josh

Reading these experience really upsets me. You people all waste your time telling how your dog has the symptoms but don't say anything about the treatment and outcome? i'm reading this website hoping to find some info on what i can do to help my dog through this as it seems he isn't going to make it! my dog's symptoms have him "living" in a puppy pad lined cardboard box with his soft bed, laying on his side. that's it. he can't walk, he can't eat or drink on his own without me feeding him with my hand and giving him water through a syringe! his head is constantly cocked to the side and it seems he is stressing just to hold it up. if he gets any kind of excited he rolls over constantly and uncontrollably. its like a fight to stay right side up. i don't trust that my vet has done enough to save him. no xrays, only speculation that it is a problem with his brain. he says he won't know without an MRI which costs $1k! so i need to know ya'lls experiences!! what happened to your dogs!!???
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