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Tuesday 18th of December 2018

Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever

General information on Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever

Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever is a rickettsial disease transmitted by several tick species. Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever has a strict seasonal occurrence - spring through early fall. Infected adult ticks transmit the disease to dogs during attachment and feeding. Most cases occur in the southeastern United States and west to Oklahoma. Most dog infections are inapparent, however, in others the disease can be severe or rapidly fatal. Rocky Mountain spotted fever should be suspected in a sick dog with a history of tick infestation during spring through fall.

Symptoms of Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever

The Symptoms of Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever include listlessness, conjunctivitis, depression, high fever, loss of appetite, cough, difficulty breathing, swelling of the legs, joint and muscle pains, vomiting and diarrhea. Central nervous system symptoms include staggering gait, altered mental state, and seizures.

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Treatments for Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever

A veterinarian will need to conduct a blood test to officially determine the disease. The drug Tetracycline should be started as soon as the diagnosis is considered. Dogs with acute Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever will respond dramatically within one to two days.

Personal Experience

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Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever - personal experiences

Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever experience by - jakki
sacramento ca

Our 8 yo standard Schnauzer was diagnosed w RMSP last week. She's on Doxycycline 2x daily. Never found a tick on her. She's getting hand fed. She only gets up for bathroom purposes. Our breeder suggested IP 6 which we stared a few days ago. Condition is status quo.
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