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Tuesday 22nd of January 2019


General information on Stroke

Strokes are a life threatening condition that affects the brain of the dog. Although rare in dogs, this is a very serious condition. A stroke is usually caused by a blood clot that has moved from another part of the body and becomes lodged in an artery of the brain. Once the clot has lodged into the artery, the blood supply to that area of the brain is cut off and the lack of oxygen and nourishment causes the brain cells to die. This type called an infarction. A rupture in a cerebral blood vessel can also cause a stroke.

Symptoms of Stroke

Symptoms of Stroke appear suddenly and may include paralysis, confusion, seizures, disorientation and coma.

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Treatments for Stroke

A stroke is usually diagnosed with a CT or MRI. Anticonvulsants may be given for seizures and corticoteroid drugs to control brain swelling. The dogs outcome will depend on the area of the brain that is affected. If the dog survives, aspirin may be given on a regular basis to reduce future blood clotting.

Personal Experience

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Stroke - personal experiences

Stroke experience by - Flavia

my jack russell is 16yrs old has siezures and I believe has had a stroke. It is hard for her to walk, eat and drink, she sleeps all day and her neck is very swollen.
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