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Tuesday 22nd of January 2019

Malabsorption Syndrome

General information on Malabsorption Syndrome

Malabsorption Syndrome is a condition where the intestines do not digest food correctly causing malnutrition in the dog. Malabsorption Syndrome can be caused by bacterial, viral or parasitic infections. Inflammatory bowel disease or exocrine pancreas insufficiency can also be a possible cause.

Symptoms of Malabsorption Syndrome

Symptoms of Malabsorption Syndrome include a veracious appetite even though the dog may appear malnourished. Stools may be greasy, smelly and extra large. In some cases, the hair around the dogs anus may be greasy.

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Treatments for Malabsorption Syndrome

Your vet will need to run tests that may include blood testing and a biopsy of the small intestine lining. This will help the vet in determining the root cause of the Malabsorption. Management of the dogs diet may also be needed.

Personal Experience

personal experience
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Malabsorption Syndrome - personal experiences

Malabsorption Syndrome experience by - Paige
Mexico City

My precious doggies were suffering from malabsorption due to over vaccination which caused candida, which led to skin infections and allergies, ect. These things would then be treated with antibiotics that would clear things up for a bit, but then all the symptoms would return with a vengeance. Thus creating a vicious cycle. I finally said "enough is enough". I investigated on my own and found out the true cause of all of this. What I discovered was shocking indeed. Once I got over my rage at my former vet, who I know knew better, and the anger at myself for just blindly following her protocol, I took control of the situation. We are now seeing a holistic vet. Now we are no longer treating symptoms. We are addressing the cause. Their diet is now supplemented with Plant Enzymes and Probiotics for dogs, organic coconut oil, and spirulina. They are now a picture of health! After seeing what these supplements did for them, I put myself on the same regime and I feel and look better too! There is a blood test for dogs called the "titer test" that will determine if they are still immune to what they have already been vaccinated for. Often, they remain immune for 7 years to things that we are vaccinating them for every year! You can then obtain an official document that says your dog is immune to rabies or whatever the law in your area requires. I truly hope sharing my experience will help others bring their beloved pets back to complete health. God bless!
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