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Friday 16th of November 2018


General information on Mastitis

Some bitches may suffer from Mastitis due to a bacterial infection. This infection of one or more of the mammary glands is caused by bacteria that get into the breast tissue during nursing from a scratch or puncture wound.

Symptoms of Mastitis

The symptoms of Mastitis include hard, hot teats that produce bloodstained or abnormal-looking milk. The affected bitch will be off-color and may vomit and have little or no appetite.

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Treatments for Mastitis

Please consult your veterinarian. You may need to hand-strip her teats and hand-raise the puppies if necessary. If promptly treated, most case of Mastitis clear up within 36-48 hours.

Personal Experience

personal experience
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Mastitis - personal experiences

Mastitis experience by - pearl

I have a female pug who just had pups 11 days ago. She got mastitis and was given antibiotics and an antiflammatory med. Her breast was supposed to be milked with moist heat every two hours. We done this then the next day her breast started leaking the infection out of a small whole like a boil on us would do. I called the vet and they said it was normalfor an absess to do this. Okay well now the little whole O could stick 3 of my fingers in and move them and the vet says to keep clean with peroxide and leave it alone and let it continue to drain. I am truly worried about this. Does anyone know if this is normal? We don't want to loose our dog. Right now we are keeping her wrapped up with white cloth so she doesn't get dirt in it. She is acting a 100% better, buit I am still worried.
Thanks Pearl
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