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Wednesday 23rd of January 2019

Anal Sac Disease

General information on Anal Sac Disease

Anal sacs secrete an oily liquid that is expressed through two tubes as feces pass through the anus. Anal Sac disease is an infection of the anal sacs. When the liquid in the anal sac thickens, usually due to an infection, it is more difficult to express normally and this leads to the sacs overfilling and become impacted which leads to infection.

Symptoms of Anal Sac Disease

The Symptoms of Anal Sac Disease are excessive licking, yelping on defecation, scooting buttocks on ground, anal sac swelling, blood, pus, and foul-smelling brown liquid in the anal area.

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Treatments for Anal Sac Disease

The vet will most likely manually empty the overfilled anal sacs, which will instantly ease the dog's discomfort.

Personal Experience

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Anal Sac Disease - personal experiences

Anal Sac Disease experience by - amber

about a year ago, i was letting my dog roxy go outside for her morning business. when i saw that she had went, i opened the door for her to come back inside the house and immediately upon entering she starts dragging her bottom across floor. as i watched her do this i noticed she was leaving a trail of blood along with it. i immediately picked up her hind quarters to get a better look and her anus was slightly swollen and blood along with puss was oozing out. i grabbed the phone and took her to the first vet that would see her asap. the vet said is was an absessed anal gland and she needed emergency surgery. she came home the same day, with a drainage tube, antibiotics and pain killers. now this morning i woke up, same thing. she came inside the house and began dragging her rear. this time it was only puss. i took her to the same vet as last time and he wants to do another surgery. i love my dog but is surgery really necessary. every resource i can get my hands on suggests just running a course of antibiotic (which we got today) a warm compress, and expressing the glands at home.
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