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Friday 16th of November 2018

Heat Stroke

General information on Heat Stroke

Heatstroke is a fever caused when the dog is exposed to excessively high temperatures. Usually due to the dog being left inside a hot car, left outside in direct sun, exercised too much on a hot day.

Symptoms of Heat Stroke

The symptoms of Heatstroke are agitation, and extreme distress. The dog will stretch out and pant heavily, drool, stagger, collapse, possibly pass in to a coma and die.

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Treatments for Heat Stroke

If you suspect your dog is suffering from heat stroke move them to a cool shady place with a cool breeze if possible. In bad cases, cool the dog down with water from a hose or wet towels. Keep dowsing them with cool water. It is vital to keep the head cool (keep the nose and mouth clear.) If the dog does not recover seek veterinary assistance.

Personal Experience

personal experience
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Heat Stroke - personal experiences

Heat Stroke experience by - Melissa
Shreveport LA

Please remember that just because your dog is in good shape doesn't mean they can handle extreme heat. My 2.5 year old Weimaraner runs regularly with me upwards of 4 miles, no problem. A week and a half ago, during a heat advisory (stupid, stupid, me), I took her and my other Weim for a leisurely 45 minute walk. About a block and a half from my house, she laid down on me. Frantic, I got her to walk the remaining short bit home where she collapsed under the carport. I immediately began hosing her down. She was unable to get up. Soaking wet, I dragged her through the door and started putting cool hand towels on her. She slowly cooled down but was still unable to get up. Called a friend and got her to the emergency animal hospital where the vet told me her prognosis for recovery, even with all they could offer, was poor. I went home, cried all night, so scared she would go into renal failure in the next 48 hours. Fortunately, she pulled through. It has taken until today for her to return to her prior level of functioning. One thing I have since learned is that once your hound suffers from heat stroke, they are more prone to another. So, please believe it when you hear about the hazards of heat. I'm so fortunate to still have my girl.
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