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Monday 17th of December 2018


General information on Pancreatitis

Pancreatitis is an inflammation or swelling of the pancreas. This disease can be mild or severe. The cause of Spontaneous Pancreatitis is not understood. Dogs that have Diabetes Mellitus, Hyperthyroidism and Cushing’s Syndrome are at a higher risk of this disease. Dogs with high fat diets are more likely to have attacks. The pancreas provides digestive enzymes and insulin.

Symptoms of Pancreatitis

Symptoms of Pancreatitis may include severe abdominal pain and an abrupt onset of vomiting. The dog may have a tucked-up belly or may pose in a prayer type position to relieve the abdominal pain. Weakness, Diarrhea, dehydration and shock can also occur. A mild case may include loss of appetite, intermittent diarrhea with weight loss and depression.

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Treatments for Pancreatitis

Treatment of Pancreatitis may include hospitalization to treat dehydration and shock. Your vet may take blood tests and an ultrasound to see of the pancreas is swollen. Resting the pancreas by not letting the dog eat solid food and administering liquids and electrolytes may be needed. Overweight dogs may need to be put on a low fat diet and more frequent smaller meals as to not over-stimulate the pancreas.

Personal Experience

personal experience
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Pancreatitis - personal experiences

Pancreatitis experience by - Gail
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

One year ago our dog had an attack, diagnosis, acute pancreatitis... medication, change diet, etc. Now one year later, I no longer believe animals should eat processed food at all; he has eaten chicken and rice, yogurt once a day for digestion, along with a few vitamin supplements and a little salt and vegetable oil. His coat is amazing, his dandruff, minor only for a couple of weeks when the seasons change. He is energetic and active, very much like a puppy, but he is almost 14; processed food is not good for us, why should it be for them, be very careful when reading packaging, milkbone seems to be okay for a treat, as well dried chicken pieces, but the main part of his diet is made by me, he has no medication; fresh cold water is encouraged and was pushed during his recovery. I stopped medication very soon after it began; we have not looked back, thought we lost him. I will never feed him or any other dog processed food again.
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