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Monday 19th of November 2018


General information on Pneumonia

Pneumonia tends to target dogs with compromised immune systems from corticosteroid therapy, chemotherapy, or chronic illness. Dogs with chronic bronchitis, collapsing trachea, and foreign bodies in the lower airway frequently develop bacterial pneumonia.

Symptoms of Pneumonia

The symptoms of Pneumonia are fever, rapid breathing, cough, rapid pulse, and thick nasal discharge.

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Treatments for Pneumonia

If your dog shows signs of respiratory infection and fever seek immediate veterinarian care. Bacterial infection generally responds well to antibiotics.

Personal Experience

personal experience
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Pneumonia - personal experiences

Pneumonia experience by - Dave
Fenelon Falls/ON/Canada

In 1989 we were offered a Australian Terrier for $100. On October 13th, 2007 our little friend of 18 years went to sleep for the last time. Pepper has lost his hearing a year ago, was going blind, and had arthritis, but would still look at me in the morning to take him for a walk, though each time the walks were getting shorter. On Friday morning he could not catch his breath, began making squeeling sounds from his throat, his chest was heaving, he was in pain. A trip to the Vet and he was diagnosed with pneumonia. They offered to put him on intervenous and keep him overnight, but because no one would be there at night, my wife brought him back home. We were up with him all Friday night and calmed him down a little bit, and Saturday morning took him to another Vet, she opened her clinic just for us. Pepper's lungs were full of fluid, he couldn't breath and was in severe pain... there really was no choice to be made. My wife stayed and held him while the final sedative was given. He will be cremated and buried on our property. You have given us 6570 days of love and companionship and you've had a long and happy life.. Goodbye little friend...We miss you....Thank you for letting me share our story.
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