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Wednesday 23rd of January 2019


General information on Labyrinthitis

Labyrinthitis or dizziness characterizes diseases of the inner ear. The Labyrinth’s purpose is to maintain posture, balance, coordination, and to synchronize eye movements. A main cause of Labyrinthitis is inner ear infection. Other causes can be poisoning, drug intoxication, brain tumor, and head trauma.

Symptoms of Labyrinthitis

The symptoms of Labyrinthitis are lack of coordination and balance, abnormal posture, dizziness, staggering, head tilted toward affected side, rapid eye movement, and vomiting.

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Treatments for Labyrinthitis

If you suspect Labyrinthitis, seek veterinarian care immediately.

Personal Experience

personal experience
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Labyrinthitis - personal experiences

Labyrinthitis experience by - Greg
Vancouver B.C. Canada

My dog over the past few days has shown signes of this. We is wobbly on his legs, I noticed this morning when I took him out that he staggered and in the light eye could see his eyes going from right to left quickly, He wont eat today, he has had the runs now for two days but hes been drinking and eating up to today. I just dont know what to give him.
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