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Tuesday 22nd of January 2019

Antifreeze Poisoning

General information on Antifreeze Poisoning

Antifreeze Poisoning is one of the most common small animal toxicities. Antifreeze has a sweet taste that attracts both dogs and cats. Poisoning generally occurs when the pet laps up antifreeze dripped from a car’s radiator. It takes only a small amount, less than three ounces, to poison a 40lb dog. Antifreeze poisoning mostly affects the brain and kidneys.

Symptoms of Antifreeze Poisoning

The symptoms of Antifreeze Poisoning occur within ˝ hour to 12 hours after ingestion. The symptoms are depression, vomiting, uncoordinated gait, seizures, coma, and death is common.

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Treatments for Antifreeze Poisoning

If you suspect your dog may have ingested even a small amount of Antifreeze, immediately induce vomiting.
[See: ‘HOW TO INDUCE VOMITING’ under PET TIPS.] And seek emergency veterinarian care.

Personal Experience

personal experience
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Antifreeze Poisoning - personal experiences

Antifreeze Poisoning experience by - Lissa
Lawrenceburg Ky USA

My Boxer Dog, 7 years old had a sudden onset of lethargy, disorientation and vomiting starting on Saturday evening. No appetite, refusing her favorite foods. Called her Vet that night, he said to give her Pepto-Bismol, but she could not hold it down. At this time she was stil able to ambulate but would walk into corners and stare at the wall. No wagging of her tail, just lethargic. Throughout the night she vomited clear thick mucous, Early Monday am, she walked outdoors and jusy started hemorraging maroon colored stool. Respiration went to 70 per minute, unable to get up out of the grass. We assisted her to the car, drove emergently to the vet, he drew blood, she expired 10 nminutes after we arrived there. By the blood work, her kidneys had completely shut down and the vet stated that it was a classic textbook case of anti-freeze poisoning. It was non-witnessed, but our dear boxer is gone.
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