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Monday 17th of December 2018

Vaginal Prolapse

General information on Vaginal Prolapse

Vaginal prolapse is the protrusion of swollen vaginal tissue through the vulva, the external female genital organ, during the heat cycle. In vaginal prolapse, the swollen protruding vaginal tissue may resemble that of a donut shaped mass. Sometimes the mass is mistaken as a tumor. Vaginal prolapse is seen mostly in young female dogs of the larger breeds that have not been spayed. Some of the causes of vaginal prolapse are estrogen stimulation, vaginal hyperplasia, or a general genetic predisposition. Prolonged straining, such as difficult labor and delivery or anorectal obstructions, is another common cause of prolapse.

Symptoms of Vaginal Prolapse

Some of the symptoms of vaginal prolapse may be painful urination, excessive licking of the vaginal area, the inability to breed, or a protruding mass through the vulva.

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Treatments for Vaginal Prolapse

The treatment for vaginal prolapse is a urinary catheter if the dog cannot urinate, antihemorrhoidal creams for the prolapsed tissue, or hormonal treatment to bring on ovulation. The veterinarian may also be able to suture the mass back into the vagina until it subsides when the heat cycle is complete and then surgically remove dead tissue to prevent hyperplasia from happening again. However, even if the dog is treated for vaginal prolapse, about two thirds of dogs with this condition will have a reoccurrence on their next heat cycle unless the dog is spayed. Getting your dog spayed eliminates the problem entirely.

Personal Experience

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Vaginal Prolapse - personal experiences

Vaginal Prolapse experience by - tia

i have expirience this in my little dog she had a big swelling on the genital aria. i took her to the vet and she diagnosed vaginal prolapse and said she needed spaying i dont wont to do this as she is only18 month i have reserched all over this problem and i would like to no if u could still bread her and have a sucsesfull labour and delivary.
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