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Tuesday 18th of December 2018

Nasal Solar Dermatitis

General information on Nasal Solar Dermatitis

Nasal solar dermatitis, also known as Collie nose, is a condition in which crusty lesions are formed on the face. These lesions usually are found on the nose, lips, or eyelids and are usually found in dogs with little to no pigmentation. The cause of these lesions is a hypersensitivity to sunlight mixed with the lack of pigmentation. Nasal solar dermatitis is an inherited disease, but is worse in areas with a sunny climate and can be acquired due to other skin diseases or scarring. In advanced cases, the nose may become ulcerated, easily bleed, or develop skin cancer.

Symptoms of Nasal Solar Dermatitis

Some of the symptoms for nasal solar dermatitis may be a lack of pigmentation of the nose, irritation of the nose, a raw nose, hair loss around the affected area, the skin may seep and crust, lesion that may or may not bleed easily, ulcers, and skin cancer. The last three symptoms are typically only found in advanced cases.

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Treatments for Nasal Solar Dermatitis

The treatment for nasal solar dermatitis is to expose the dog to as little sunlight as possible. Try to keep the dog indoors especially when the sun is at its highest levels of intensity no matter what the whether is like. Sunscreen for dogs can be applied for dogs that spend time outside. The sunscreen should be applied half an hour to an hour prior to sun exposure and continuously throughout the day. For irritation, treatments such as Cortaid with a small percentage of hydrocortisone may be applied. It is important to have the disease diagnosed from your veterinarian to distinguish this from other skin diseases and disorders.

Personal Experience

personal experience
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Nasal Solar Dermatitis - personal experiences

Nasal Solar Dermatitis experience by - Alana
Te Puke, New Zealand

Shepherd is a rough collie, for sometime, he has had a infection in nose and mouth, including eyes.
We use Hydroquaterzone cream, which helped alot, including Colordial Silver gel. He is still in a recovery state, and we keep him away from wandering dew, which irritates it more.
Keep your dog out of the sun during the hottest part of the day!!!

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