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Friday 16th of November 2018


General information on Mycetoma

Mycetoma is a mass caused by different types of fungi that enter the body through wounds. This condition is most common on the feet or legs of the dog and is sometimes called Madura foot. Mycetoma appears as a lump that drains granular material that looks more like an abscess that won’t heal. The granules change in color depending on the type of fungus causing the mycetoma. Mycetoma can spread to through the skin causing deformities, loss of functions, and, in severe cases, death.

Symptoms of Mycetoma

Some of the symptoms of mycetoma may be lumps on the skin (typically on the feet or legs), tracts to the surface of the lump to reveal that it drains granular material of a variety of colors, the abscess won’t heal, and deformities, loss of functions.

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Treatments for Mycetoma

The treatment for mycetoma is to surgically remove the mass. The mass cannot always be removed, but there are new antifungal drugs that may be able to help with these cases.

Personal Experience

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