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Wednesday 19th of December 2018

Wry Mouth

General information on Wry Mouth

Wry mouth, or wry bite, is the worst form of a malocclusion. A malocclusion is an incorrect bite. In the ideal bite, the upper incisors just overlap the lower incisors. In wry mouth, one side of the jaw grows faster than the other causing the mouth to twist and appear in a triangular shape around the incisor area. This can cause severe problems in the dog’s ability to grab things, hold things, and chew. In addition, teeth that are not aligned properly may injure softer parts of the mouth like the gums. Wry mouth is an inherited condition.

Symptoms of Wry Mouth

Some of the symptoms of wry mouth may be the mouth to have a twisted appearance, a triangular shape to appear around the incisor area, and difficulty grabbing things, holding things, and chewing.

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Treatments for Wry Mouth

The treatment for wry mouth is different orthodontic procedures. Depending on the severity and if there is overcrowding or dislodgment of permanent teeth, the dog may need to have procedures like spacers or height reduction done. In most cases, however, no treatment will be necessary. Due to the fact that wry mouth is an inherited condition, it is important that the dog is not bred.

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