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Friday 16th of November 2018

Juvenile Pyoderma

General information on Juvenile Pyoderma

Juvenile pyoderma, more commonly known as puppy strangles, is a condition in which pustules, crusts, ulcers, and skin erosions develop on different areas of the head. The pustules and skin inflammation can be seen on the muzzle, inside the ear, on the lips, and on the eyelids. The swelling and pustules may be severe on the muzzle. The lymph nodes of the affected dog are likely to become swollen and depression, among other symptoms, may grip the affected dog. Puppy strangles occurs in puppies between one and four months of age and rarely occurs in dogs of an older age. The exact cause of puppy strangles is unknown, but is thought to be an inflammatory immune development. Due to the fact that a family history is seen in many cases, it is quite likely that puppy strangles has something to do with heredity and should one puppy born in a litter be affected by puppy strangles, it is likely that more than one puppy from the same litter will be affected by it as well.

Symptoms of Juvenile Pyoderma

Some of the symptoms of puppy strangles may be: swelling around the face area, pustules on the face area, swollen lymph nodes, scarring and hair loss around the affected areas, fever, depression, joint pain, ear infections, lesions that drain and scab about a day later, and lethargy.

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Treatments for Juvenile Pyoderma

The treatment for puppy strangles is a combination of medications. Antibiotics and oral corticosteroids are typically prescribed to treat puppy strangles. It may also be recommended that a warm compress on the pustules for fifteen minutes three times per day be given. Dogs affected by puppy strangles are extremely sick and it is important that they are taken to see a veterinarian as soon as possible.

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