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Wednesday 19th of December 2018


General information on Blepharitis

Blepharitis is a condition in which the eyelids become inflamed. There are several causes of blepharitis. The cause can be an allergic reaction, bacterial, viral, parasitic, congenital, neoplastic, or trauma. Blepharitis can also occur as a symptom of another condition, or it can be idiopathic. In blepharitis, not only does the skin of the eyelid become inflamed, but the muscles, glands, and connective tissues are also inflamed. Blepharitis is characterized by inflammation of the eyelids, redness, and mucus secretions that may become encrusted. Blepharitis can affect any breed of dog at any age. Blepharitis can be difficult to eliminate and can become chronic. In many cases, long-term treatment is required.

Symptoms of Blepharitis

The primary symptoms of blepharitis are inflammation of the eyelids, redness, and mucus secretions that may become encrusted. Other symptoms may be scaly skin around the affected eye, itchiness that causes the dog to frequently scratch the affected area, hair loss around the eye from scratching, watery eyes, thickening of the eyelids, small white pimples that may rupture, conjunctivitis, and inflammation of the cornea that may cause blurred vision.

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Treatments for Blepharitis

The treatment for blepharitis is dependent on the underlying cause of the condition. In most cases, blepharitis is treated with topical or oral medications, or a combination of both. The medication may need to be administered up to four times per day. The most common medicated

ointments used in treatment of blepharitis are polymyxin B, neomycin, and bacitracin. Should the underlying cause of the condition be allergies, the allergen that is causing the condition is found and removed from the diet. Should the affected dog be experiencing itchiness, a veterinarian may recommend a cone to prevent the dog from scratching the affected eye. In severe cases of blepharitis, surgery may be required.

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