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Tuesday 22nd of January 2019

Arsenic Poisoning - dog health experiences

Arsenic Poisoning dog experience
Dog Owner:
Location: Walnut Creek, California, USA

My dog was called in, but didn't come. I found her lying in her pool of water completely exhausted. The water was a dark brown from the blood that was dripping from her anus. I walked her to the side of my pool where she collapsed. I checked the yard and there were piles of diarrhea with blood -- I knew it was poison.
I called the vet and took her to an ER immediately. Once at the clinic the doctors took care of my dog; they told us she would not live through the night.
My family and I prepared for the worst, but prayed for the best. Miraculously my dog started to get better, within two days she was allowed to come home. I had to give her a strict regiment of pills for two weeks after the incident.

At her followup appointment they found that my dogs nearly dead liver had repaired itself and she was going to be fine.

There were a few side effects from my dogs near collision with dearth though.
I have found that she is more sensitive to being bothered, and is irritated more quickly.
She has become slightly more aggressive, especially with veterinarians.

Most of all, she has become more loving. My dog has transformed into the most loyal companion that I have ever had.
I am so very lucky that she survived the poison.

The doctors could only speculate as to the exact poison; they thought it most likely was a mushroom.

Arsenic Poisoning dog experience
Dog Owner:
Location: Tompkinsville/kentucky/united states

I also think my lab mix has arsenic poisoning...and I think I done it by accident:( He stays in our basement at night and this AM there were numerous spots of thick clear vomit in which some of them were blood tinged.Today he has been weak and dragging his feet.He is drinking lots of H2O and moans when he's laying down.His breath really doesnt smell like garlic though.A couple days ago,there were some wasp in a tub at our basement and I just grabbed what I thought wasp spray and it was ant spray and I never thought of cleaning it out.Im afraid that he may have licked it after I was done.About 2 years ago we were working in tobacco and he drank out of the bucket with orthen (which is a pesticide) h2o in it.This really makes me consider going "green" on my household chemicals.Luckly we got him to the vet in time.I feel terrible.Lets hope Goober gets better!

Arsenic Poisoning dog experience
Dog Owner:
Location: raleigh nc

we think our jack russell is being poisoned with aresnic, he has been very sick and throwing up alot lately and now seems to be experiencing paralization in his hind legs.


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