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Wednesday 23rd of January 2019

Addison's Disease - dog health experiences

Addison's Disease dog experience
Dog Owner:
Location: loch lomond ca usa

sammy,my 7 year old big rottreiler and doberman mix, got real sick over several days,lost weight,slowed way down suddenly,stopped eating very much,then one morning could hardly get up and dragged his feet when walking,and real sleepy non responsiive lethargic behav ior.took him to vet imediatly and did blood tests to find out if adrenal gland is the problem,he was put on iv and given pegnasone and imediatly responded to improve,now hopefully we can treat sammy and keep him around.

Addison's Disease dog experience
Dog Owner:
Location: Ashland, Ky.

My dog got to the point where she couldn\\\'t walk. She would not eat. We got her to the vet just in time. The Vet said that she was dehydrated. She was pretty sick. She threw up at the Vets office and they had to give her an IV.She has pills that she has to take every 12 hours.She has to have an injection every three weeks for the rest of her life.

Addison's Disease dog experience
Dog Owner:
Location: Milwaukee,WI USA

My 5.5 year old Black standard male Poodle was dx Addison\\\'s disease in Aug 2006 . He gets 2.2 DOCP shot every 30 days and takes 1.25 mg Prednisone every other day. He had a blood chem done 3 days ago and has evaluated liver enzymes for 448 albin is -1.9. He has some blood in his urine, too. Can I give him Milk Thistle?

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