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Tuesday 22nd of January 2019

Colitis - dog health experiences

Colitis dog experience
Dog Owner:
Location: Salt Lake City, UT

We took our lab in the mountains to go fishing, and she decided to go swimming. While she was swimming, she of course drank some of the water that happened to have cows all around it. We got her home and in two days she was having diarrhea with blood and mucous all in it. It was pretty scary as her diarrhea was very red looking. In taking her in to the vet, the front desk tech told us she may have Giardia, but in examining the feces closer, the vet told us she had colitis. He told us to keep her on a bland diet that was easy to digest, and they prescribed her some tummy meds and amoxicillin to help fight off the parasites... Hopefully, we'll see her feeling better soon, as she is one of the most lovable and happy dogs in the world.

Colitis dog experience
Dog Owner:
Location: st. louis Mo

mucus in feces with some blood

Colitis dog experience
Dog Owner:
Location: Brooklyn, NY, USA

My 12 1/2 year old non-neutered Polish Lowland Sheepdog is having excruciating pain while defecating, and is very tender in the anal area (difficult to clean him). Otherwise, he's healthy, eats well, exercises daily. Would anyone know of effective treatment? We've tried Predisone (temporary relief at first, none after a second shot).

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