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Wednesday 23rd of January 2019

Labyrinthitis - dog health experiences

Labyrinthitis dog experience
Dog Owner:
Location: Vancouver B.C. Canada

My dog over the past few days has shown signes of this. We is wobbly on his legs, I noticed this morning when I took him out that he staggered and in the light eye could see his eyes going from right to left quickly, He wont eat today, he has had the runs now for two days but hes been drinking and eating up to today. I just dont know what to give him.

Labyrinthitis dog experience
Dog Owner:
Location: Foothill Ranch, California, USA

Buddy gets dizzy, staggers, vomits, dribbles urine for several hours. Usually the next day he is fine, it has happened several times over the past year and with idea what is causing his symptoms.

Labyrinthitis dog experience
Dog Owner:
Location: Marquette, MI

Female border colllie mix 14 yr old DX. was Vestibular syndrone- dog experienced episiodes of VS off and on for 6 months. Vet also thought maybe it was a brain tumor. End result was found w/ an x-ray. Fluid built up in inner ears had to pop left ear drum due to built up infection. Treating w/ antibiotics for a month- recheck found build up of yeast now on another drug for yeast-has showm great improvement in past month; however ears still aren\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'t clear and dog is still showming mild signs of Labyrinthitis.

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