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Wednesday 23rd of January 2019

Anaphylactic Shock - dog health experiences

Anaphylactic Shock dog experience
Dog Owner:
Location: Cheltenham england

We took our 14 month old cocker spaniel for his annual boosters to our vets. While waiting to pay we noticed that he had become very lethargic and when we placed him in the car he collapsed and his breathing become very laboured. We took him straight back into the vets who found hs temperature was 103 and rising. Beano had suffered a severe reaction to his vaccination. He was placed on a drip and had to stay overnight at the vets. We think ourselves very lucky has he is now fully recovered..

Anaphylactic Shock dog experience
Dog Owner:
Location: Signal Hill, CA, USA

While outside playing, my dog jumped up and caught a bee. Immediately he was shaking his head vigorously. I picked him up and swept his mouth with my finger, but didn't find the bee. Within moments--seconds he was weaving like a drunken dog. I knew he was having an anaphylactic shock reaction. I grabbed him and drove him to my vet ASAP. He vomited all over my car, and then became listless, slowed breathing, and limp. I was told I got him there just in time. He survived, however his recovery has been slow. He received 2 shots while at the vet and was on 1/2 benadryl at home for 3 days. He vomited again after we got home the day of the incident quite alot more. He seems to have recovered to some degree, however, in spite of being about 20 months old, he has not regained his energy and it has been 4 to 5 days since. I'm keeping an eye on him, he is still drinking more water than usual, so he may not be quite over it yet. If you suspect your dog is going into Anaphylactic shock, you must get it to the vet immediately.

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