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Wednesday 23rd of January 2019

Vaginal Hyperplasia - dog health experiences

Vaginal Hyperplasia dog experience
Dog Owner:

Harley is a 10 month old English Springer Spaniel. We were planning on breeding her in 2 yrs. She went into heat at 9 months at the end of her cycle she prolapsed we took her to the vet and he pushed everything back in and then made a purse stich to hold it in but after 4 days it fell back out. We were told the only fix was to have her spayed we agreed but the vet said he wanted to make sure she was out of her cycle so he gave her a hormone shot to stop it but it did the reverse and she prolapsed even more and bleeding started again only worse. This went on for over a week. She is now scheduled for surgery,spaying and will fix the prolapse. I wish I wouldn't had done the hormone shot and just waited a couple of weeks for her to be natually done with her cycle before spaying her. I kept putting vaseline on the prolapse because it did start to dry out and bleed and I kept diapers on her.

Vaginal Hyperplasia dog experience
Dog Owner:
Location: Bovey, MN

My female Golden Retriever 4 years old developed vaginal hyperplasia during her heat cycle. We have been taking her to the vet, but it is not getting better. Yesterday i brought her to the vet--she is now out of estrus--and he pushed the tissue inside her, gave me an antibiotic, and sent me home. This morning she is bleeding. I really dont know what to do.

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