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Tuesday 22nd of January 2019

White Dog Shaker Syndrome - dog health experiences

White Dog Shaker Syndrome dog experience
Dog Owner:
Location: chicago, il

At about 1 1/2 years old my Maltese starting to shake uncontrollably out of the blue to the point where it was hard to walk. I took her to the emergency vet the next day -- saturday -- and they gave me antibiotics, which didn't help at all. I took her to my vet on Monday and she was put in care for poisoning to have her stomach pumped, thinking she had eaten something bad. When that didn't help, my vet uncovered white dog shaker syndrome. My dog was given steriods and improved within five days. She was on them for the next two months and is now six years old. The condition has never returned. To the person that posted before whose vet told them the dog might die from this needs to get the dog on the steroids and get a new vet. There is no reason for a dog to suffer from this condition at all, let alone die from it.

White Dog Shaker Syndrome dog experience
Dog Owner:
Location: Germany

my dog is from spain and she started trembling and shaking since shes been a puppy. Its getting worse and now she is one yeah old and falls down sometimes and shakes the more she is excited or afraid.there are some days she doesnt want to eat, she is really skinny. my doctor said she wont live too long! strange desease....

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