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Tuesday 22nd of January 2019

Uremia (kidney Failure) - dog health experiences

Uremia (kidney Failure) dog experience
Dog Owner:
Location: Bluffton SC USA

My dog was just diagnosed with kdney problems his creatine was 5.4 BUN 128 Phosphorus 18 Iam going crazy is it a death sentence? Its been 8 mos since his physical was normal

Uremia (kidney Failure) dog experience
Dog Owner:
Location: Isabela, Puerto Rico

Mia, has Kidney stones she got diagnosed when we saw she had blood in her urine, her Vet took a X Ray and there it was in her Kidney, they gave her anti biotics for ten days and a strick diet of Royal Cannine U2, she stopped bleeding, behaves normal, sometimes she vomits in the mornings, and is loosing appetite for that food, I am very concern over her health the vet told me to take her next month to take an X Ray to see if the stone is smaller, im going out of my mind I can\'t loose my Baby Girl to this condition, that i probably caused by giving her everything she wanted, reacently I noticed shes having really bad breath wich she never had now thats got me thinking, may her kidney be getting worst without us knowing? I will take her to the other side of the world if necesary, but she needs to be cured, please has someone had this situation before and found the best treatment? Or Vet speacialest, please any information is greatly appreaciated, Jo Ann Isabela, Puerto Rico

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