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Quick Answers To Your Dog's Medical Symptoms
Wednesday 19th of December 2018

Dog Symptoms A To Z

Select a symptom below to find a possible diagnosis for your dog.

Abdomen Distention
Abdominal Colic
Abdominal Discomfort - Severe
Abdominal Pain
Abnormal Appearing Spine
Abnormal Attention-seeking
Abnormal Eye Movements
Abnormal Posture
Abnormal Toenail Wear
Abnormal-looking Milk
Abscess On Feet Or Legs That Won’t Heal
Abscess Or Pus Seeping From The Umbilical Cord
Accidents While Lying Down Or Sleeping
Acetone Odor On Breath
Acting Like A Mother To Small Objects
Acts As If Something Caught In Throat
Alert But Unable To Move
Altered Mental State
Anal Sac Swelling
Anal Tissue That Is Red Or Pink In Color Protruding From The Rectum Area
Appetite Loss
Area Insensitive To Pressure
Attack Objects For No Apparent Reason
Attacks Of Hysteria
Attempts Made To Urinate Without Actually Passing Any Urine
Avoiding Light
Back Held In A Stiff Position
Back Pain
Back Stiffness
Bad Breath
Bald Area Of Missing Hair
Behavioral Changes
Biting At The Skin
Black Pigmentation
Black Tarry Stools
Bladder Infections - Recurring
Bleeding Gums
Bleeding Near The Anus
Blood In Anal Area
Blood In The Stool
Blood Or Pus Discharge From The Nose
Blood Tinged Urine
Bloodstained Milk
Bloody Diarrhea
Bloody Discharge From The Prepuce (head Of Penis)
Bloody Phlegm
Blue Appearing Gums And Lips
Blue Appearing Tongue
Bluish Coloration To The Skin
Bone Swelling
Bowel Movement Straining
Breast Pain
Breath Will Have Strong Garlic Smell
Breathing Difficulties
Bright Red Tongue
Bright Yellow Urine
Brown Discoloration Of The Tongue
Bruising For No Apparent Reason
Build-up Of Wax In Ears
Bulge In Skin Where Anus Should Be
Bulge On Side Of Nose
Bumps Into Objects For No Apparent Reason
Burns Around The Mouth
Calloused Feet
Callused Nose - Sometimes With Cracked Hornlike Tissue
Carrying Nose Close To The Ground
Change In Sitting Posture
Cherrylike Growth In Corner Of Eye
Chewing On Itself
Choking On Food
Chronic Cough
Circulatory Collapse
Clouding Of Eye
Cold Feet And Legs
Collapse After Any Amount Of Exertion
Confusion And Disorientation
Continuous Barking
Coordination Problems
Cough With Blood
Coughing Up A White Foamy Discharge
Cracks Or Splitting Of The Foot Pads
Cracks Or Splitting On The Callused Nose
Crusty Ear Tips
Crusty Elbow
Crusty Skin
Crying Out
Curvature Of The Spine
Dark Orange To Brown Colored Urine
Darkly-pigmented Skin
Dazed Look
Decay Of The Lower Incisors Or The Cartilage Around Them
Decreased Reactions
Decreased Urine
Decreased Vision
Depigmentation Of The Lips
Depigmentation Of The Nose
Detached Retina
Development Of Small Blood Vessels In The Eye
Difficult Jaw Movement
Difficulty Breathing
Difficulty Chewing
Difficulty Getting Up
Difficulty Grabbing Or Holding Things In Mouth
Difficulty Holding Up Head
Difficulty Housetraining
Difficulty In Urinating
Difficulty Walking
Discharge From The Breasts
Discomfort While Swallowing
Distended Breasts
Dog Does Not Go Into Labor After The Approximate Sixty-five Days
Dotted Black Specks In Ears
Dragging Of Limbs
Draining Sores
Dribbles Urine Often
Dried Out Foot Pads
Dried Out Nose
Drooping Foreskin
Drooping Upper Eyelid
Dry Brittle Hair
Dry Coat
Dry Cough
Dry Flaky Rash
Dryness Of The Mouth
Dull Opaque Appearance Of The Cornea
Dullness In Its Coat Color
Ear Discharge
Ear Is Painful To Touch
Ear Scratching
Eating Difficulties
Eating Inappropriate Substances
Eating Own Stools
Enlarged And Hard Testicles
Enlarged Liver
Enlarged Lymph Nodes
Enlarged Mammary Glands
Enlarged Nipples
Enlarged Spleen
Enlarged Vulva And Clitoris
Excess Covering Of Flesh
Excessive Drooling
Excessive Licking
Excessive Licking And Biting Of The Buttock Area
Excessive Licking Of The Penis
Excessive Licking Of The Vulva
Excessive Pacing
Excessive Sleepiness
Excessive Tearing
Excessive Thirst
Excessive Urination
Exhaustion By Just A Little Exercise
Extended Abdomen
Extreme Distress
Eye Discharge
Eye Irritation
Eye Pain
Eye Redness
Eye Squinting
Eyelids - Inflammation
Eyelids Stick Together
Eyes Not Opening As Wide As They Should
Face Frozen In A Permanent Smile
Failure To Go From One Stage Of Labor To The Next
Falling Over
Falls Asleep During Activity
False Pregnancy
Film Over The Cornea
Flecks Of Blood In Feces
Foaming At The Mouth
Food And Liquids Coming Out Of The Dog’s Nose When Eating
Foul Odor From The Male Genital Area
Foul Smelling Discharge From The Lesions
Foul-smelling Brown Liquid In Anal Area
Foul-smelling Yellow-orange Diarrhea
Frequent Urination
Full Body Collapse
Gagging On Food
Greasy Hair Around Dogs Anus
Hair - Thinning
Hair Loss
Hair Loss Around The Affected Area On The Nose
Hair Loss Around The Eye
Hair Loss Without Chewing Or Scratching
Hard Round Masses Around The Anus
Hard, Hot Teats
Hard, Thick Skin
Harsh Cough
Harsh Creaking Sound When The Dog Is Breathing
Has Trouble Finding You In A Crowd
Head Bobbing
Head Shaking
Head Tilt
Head Tilted Down And Tipped To One Side
Head Tilted Toward Affected Side
Heart Arrhythmias
Heavy Breathing
High Fever
Hip Pain
Hoarse Bark
Honking Cough
Hops When Running
Impaired Motor Skills
Inability To Stand
Increased Airway Noises
Increased Heart Rate
Increased Thirst
Increased Walking Speed
Infected Tear Gland
Inflammation Of The Brain
Inflammation Of The Cornea
Inflammation Of The Esophagus
Inflammation Of The Lips
Inflammation Of The Nose
Inflammation Of The Spinal Cord
Inflammation Or Abscess On The Prepuce (head Of Penis)
Intense Itching
Intensive Licking Around The Anus
Irregular Heat Cycles
Irritation Of The Lips
Irritation Of The Nose
Itchy Eyes
Itchy Red Ulcerated Lumps On Skin Or Mouth
Itchy Skin
Jerking Movements
Joint And Muscle Pains
Labored Breathing
Lack Of Pigmentation On The Nose
Lactation In Female Dogs
Lameness In Front Legs
Lameness In The Back Legs
Lameness Travels From One Location To Another
Large Greasy And Smelly Stools
Leg Rigidness
Leg Spasms
Leg Stiffness
Lesion On The Nose That May Or May Not Bleed Easily
Lesions - Pus - Filled
Lesions Around The Anus
Lesions On Face Or Head That Drain And Scab About A Day Later
Lice On Skin
Licking Of The Scrotum
Light Colored Stool
Limited Learning Abilities
Limping Or Lameness
Listlessness - Lack Of Energy
Loose Teeth
Loss Of Appetite
Loss Of Balance
Loss Of Interest In Breeding
Loss Of Joint Motion
Loss Of Skin Elasticity
Loss Of The Ability To Bark
Low-grade Fever
Lower Incisors Are Loose
Lump That Drains Granular Material Of A Variety Of Colors
Lumps In Mammary Glands (teats)
Lumps On The Feet Or Legs
Lymph Node Swelling
Malnutrition With A Healthy Appetite
Matted Unkempt Hair
Mental Dullness
Mental Retardation
Milky Gray/bluish Color To The Eye
Mouth Bleeding
Mouth May Have A Twisted Appearance
Mouth Odor
Mouth Ulcers
Mucous In Feces
Mucus In Stool
Mucus Secretions From Eye
Muffled Heart Sounds
Muscle Atrophy In The Forearms
Muscle Pain And Weakness
Muscle Paralysis Triggered By A Strong Emotion
Muscle Tremors
Muscle Wasting
Muscles That Are Larger Than Normal
Nasal Discharge That Is Blood Tinged
Neck Pain
No Tremors During Sleep
Nodules Around The Neck Or Shoulders That Are Firm, Distinct, And Hairless
Nodules On The Head That Are Firm, Distinct, And Hairless
Noise From The Dog's Anus
Noisy Breathing
Nose Discharge
Obstructed Flow Of Urine
Odor From The Ear
One Or Both Of The Testicles Has Not Descended By Six Months
Open Sores
Open Wound
Overflowing Tears
Pain And Swelling Of Testicle
Pain And Swelling On Bone Area
Pain Or Discomfort In The Back Area
Pain Or Discomfort In The Back Area When Touched
Pain Or Discomfort In The Facial Area
Pain Or Discomfort In The Nose
Pain Over The Joint
Pain When Opening Mouth
Pain When The Jaw Is Opened
Pain While Chewing
Pain While Defecating
Painful Jaw
Painful Urination
Pale White Skin
Pale Yellow Coloring Of The Gums
Pale Yellow Coloring Of The Skin
Pant Heavily
Paralysis In Hind Legs
Paralysis Of The Front Legs
Pawing At Eyes
Pawing Of The Mouth
Peeling Skin
Persistant Scratching
Persistent Cough
Personality Change
Plaque Deposits On Teeth
Poor Depth Perception
Potbellied Appearance
Pounding Pulse
Prayer Type Position With Front Legs Out And Rear End In The Air
Pressure Applied Over The Shaft Of The Affected Bone Causes Pain
Progressive Bald Patches
Protruding Mass From The Vulva
Protruding Third Eyelid
Protrusion Of The Eyeball
Pus In Anal Area
Pus Oozing From Gums
Puss- Like Discharge From The Vagina
Pustules On The Face
Racing Heart
Raised Skin
Rapid Breathing
Rapid Eye Movement
Rapid Pulse
Ravenous Appetite
Rectal Bleeding
Red Eye
Red Irritated Skin
Red Ring Of Tissue Visible Around The Rectum Area
Red Skin
Red Swollen Gums
Redness Or Inflammation Of The Umbilical Cord
Refusal To Bear Weight On Leg
Refusal To Walk Up Or Down Stairs
Refuses To Eat
Refuses To Lower Head To Eat
Regurgitating Food
Reluctance To Exercise
Reluctance To Move Or Get Up
Reluctant To Move Head
Reluctant To Venture Outside When Dark Or Too Bright
Repeated Swallowing
Restless Wandering
Retinal Degeneration
Retraction Of The Eyeball
Rubbing Body Against Objects
Rumbling Intestinal Noises
Runny Eyes
Runny Nose
Scaly Skin
Scarring And Hair Loss Around The Head
Scooting Buttocks On Ground
Scuffed Paws
Sensitivity To Light
Sensitivity To Touch
Separation Of The Two Sides Of The Jaw Allowing Them To Move Independently
Severe Lameness
Shiny-looking Skin
Shortness Of Breath
Skin Looks Like A Burn
Skin Nodules
Skin On The Nose May Seep And Crust
Skin Sores
Slow Breathing
Slow Respiratory Rate
Small Pupil Size
Small Red Itchy Bumps
Soft Eye
Sores On The External Part Of The Nose
Spay-legged Stance While Urinating
Spontaneous And Random Movements Of The Eyes
Sporatic Vomiting
Spread-legged Stance
Staining To Urinate
Stance With Elbows Out - Chest Fully Expanded - Head And Neck Extended
State Of Almost Being Hypnotic
Stiff Gait
Stiff Neck
Stomach Pain
Stretch Out
Strong Amonia-like Odor On The Dog Or Bedding
Sudden Appearance Of Continuous And Uncontrollable Tremors
Sudden Change In Behavior
Sudden Loss Of Balance
Sudden Onset Of Paralysis In One, Or Several Limbs
Sudden Onset Of Muscle Weakness
Sunken Eye
Sunken Eyes
Swaying Of The Body
Swelling Around The Face Area
Swelling Of A Joint
Swelling Of The Breasts
Swelling Of The Facial Muscles
Swelling Of The Legs
Swelling Of The Mammary Glands
Swelling Of The Tissues
Swollen Anal Sacs
Swollen Bump On Skin
Swollen Eyelids
Swollen Gums
Swollen Joints
Swollen Lymph Nodes
Swollen Skin
Swollen Stomach
Swollen Vulva
Swollen, Tender Bladder
Tarter Buildup On Teeth
Tender Gums
Thickening Of The Skin Of The Nose
Thin Coat And Skin
Ticking Movement Of The Eyes
Toenail Breakage And Infections
Trembling Of The Entire Body And Head
Triangular Shape Around The Incisor Area
Trouble With Breeding
Tucked-up Belly
Twitching Ear
Twitching Leg
Twitching Lip
Ulcerations And Pustules
Unable To Defecate
Unable To Hold Head Straight
Unable To Stand
Unable To Swallow Food
Uncoordinated Gait
Uneven Pigmentation Of The Iris
Unevenly Shaped Pupil
Unpleasant Smell
Unsteady Gate
Unsuccessful Attempts To Copulate
Unusual Odor Around The Buttock
Urinates In The House
Urine Dribbling
Vaginal Discharge
Violent Scratching
Vision Problems
Voice Change
Vomited Food Appears To Be Undigested
Vomiting - Especially Right After Eating
Vomiting Blood
Vomiting Foreign Material
Vomiting Of A Frothy Yellow Substance
Vomiting Within A Few Hours After Eating
Voracious Appetite With Weight Loss
Walking Abnormally
Watery Diarrhea
Watery Eye
Weak Spattery Stream
Weakened Muscles
Weakness In Hind Legs
Weakness Of The Front Legs
Weight Gain
Weight Loss
White Area Of Eyes Becomes Yellow
White Patches On The Gums And Tongue
Wide Gait
Worn Toenails
Wound With Pus
Wound With Visible Rice Like Worms
Wounds That Are Moist
Yellow Pigmentation Around The Ears
Yellow Pigmentation Around The Stomach
Yellow-brown Stains On Teeth
Yellow-green Discharge From The Prepuce (head Of Penis)
Yelping On Defecation


The information contained on this site is for the sole purpose of being informative and is not and should not be used or relied upon as medical advice.
Seek the advice of your vet or other qualified pet care provider before you decide on any treatment or for answers to any questions you may have regarding a canine medical symptom or medical condition.

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